Автопилот ArduPilot Mega APM 2.5.2 + 5Hz GPS

APM 2.5.2 Flight Controller + 5Hz GPS


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The channel of RC receiver is connected to the input terminal (Input), servo or ESC will be connected to the output terminal (Output). Supports up to 8 channel input and output, if necessary, can also be carried out in accordance with the following extensions.

APM 2.5 power supply board includes a connector port power module. Although it may be unable to believe, but you can also use it to power the ESC or an external power supply of 5v. If you choose to use an alternative power supply, you will need to use the JP1 jumper, and left the new standard gauge diode place.


Free open source firmware supports planes,multicopters (quads,hex,oct,etc),helicopters and ground rovers!

Simple setup process and firmware loading via a point-and-click utility.No programming required! (But if you do want to fiddle with the code,you can with the easiest embedded programming toolkit available: Arduino).

Full mission scripting with point-and-click desktop utilities.

Can support hundreds of 3D waypoints.

Two-way telemetry and in-flight command using the powerful MAVLink protocol.

Choice of free Ground Stations, including the state-of-the-art HK GCS, which includes mission planning, in-air parameter setting, on-board video display, voice synthesis, and full datalogging with replay.

Autonomous takeoff, landing and special action commands such as video and camera controls.

Supports full "hardware-in-the-loop" simulation with Xplane and Flight Gear.

APM 2.5.2 Autopilot Flight Controller Hardware:

3-axis gyros
3-axis accelerometers
Barometric pressure sensor for altitude
10Hz GPS module
Voltage sensors for battery status
4GB of onboard datalogging memory.Missions are automatically datalogged and can be exported to KML
Built-in hardware failsafe processor,can return-to-launch on radio loss.
Include relay can trigger any device,can be controlled by mission scripts.
(Optional) 3-axis magnetometer
(Optional) Airspeed sensor
(Optional) Current sensor

Package Included:

1 x APM 2.5.2 Flight Controller

1 x 5Hz GPS

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