Плата распределения питания для коптера HobbyKing

Плата распределения питания для коптера HobbyKing 


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The new HobbyKing Mini power distribution board is based on the new smaller 36mm outer diameter standard that has become popular with the new generation mini flight controllers. But don’t let its small size make you think it’s just for mini’s, it's doubled sided copper is rated at 50amps continuous letting you disperse the power on even 500 class quads easily. There are 8 positive and negative outputs in two inputs, letting you fly Octos, HexaCopter, and Quads with a few extra pads for FPV gear. The new HK mini power distribution board will make your install super clean and easy. 

Amps: 50A
Size: 36x36x1.5mm
Mounting: 30mm holes square (3mm holes)
Pads: 2 input through holes, 8postive and 8negitive through hole outputs

Weight: 4g

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