HK Pilot Power VI Module

HK Pilot Power VI Module

HK Pilot Power VI Module, Distribution Board And Dual UBEC ALL-In-One (120A and 10s)


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The HK Pilot Power distribution and power module in one is simplifying your setup, reducing points of failures and makes for a clean and tidy install. The ALL-in-One has a PDB, Dual 12V and 5.3V UBECs, Voltage and Amperage sensors all integrated on a standardized 45mm mounting package.

The power distribution side is on a standardized 45x45mm mounting size and is rated at 120A of current and more than enough contact points for a Octocopter. The dual Ubec’s are 12V and 5.3V respectively, for the HK pilot Flight controller and 12V aux gear such as FPV. The Amp and voltage sensor are compatible with HK pilot FC and APM/Pixhawk FC with the standardized 6 pin connector. The ALL-IN-ONE is 10s capable as well for HV application or right at home with 3s setups too.

PDB/12V and 5.3V UBECs/V and A Sensors all in one
120A capable
10s capable
16 power contact outputs 8+ 8-
Standardized sizing
HK Pilot APM/Pixhawk compatible

PCB Current: 120A outputs (MAX)
UBEC output current :2.5A
Power input: 2 x contact points 
Power output: 16/8 x contact points and 2 for 12V UBEC 5.3V on the 6 Pin Plug
Dimensions: 50x50x5mm, Mounting 45x45
Weight: 11.6g 

Package Includes
UBEC power distribution board *1
6pin cable *1

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