Модель самолета ЯК-54 ARF

Модель самолета ЯК-54 ARF


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Laser cut ply & balsa construction ARF which includes mount, carbon fiber tubing and accessories. (some not shown in image)
Amazing construction and ultra light design make this a really nice plane to fly. With a 36M motor and 1800mAh 3S1P pack this plane will hover on 3/4 throttle.

 Flight/Build Report.
Yak54 comes with a good set of instructions (including pictures and decent english) as well as a full set of hardware, this kit is A-grade and of very high quality. Assembly went together easily although we beefed-up the engine mount with extra epoxy. We chose the KDA35-12L motor with the HXT036 esc to power this plane. HXT2200mAh 3S1P lipos were used as the power source, GWS Park servo for the rudder and GWS Nano servo for the Elevator. Ailerons need 1 servo each, we used the 9320 servos for this.
First flight was more than exciting as the plane took a nose dive, but quickly recovered. A quick landing and change of CG as per instructions, and the Yak54 was off again for another flight. This plane flies extremely nicely, and very quiet with the KDA35-12L on a 11x4.7 thin e-prop. Unlimited vertical and a very snappy knife edge and snap rolls, thanks to the pull-pull rudder system and large throws on the GWS Park servo, landings need to be gentle, as this is a lightly constructed plane.
Build pics;

Postage weight appears heavy due to double boxing of product. We are aware of how brutal international postal systems can be, thats why we double box every plane, to ensure it arrives in the same condition as it left the warehouse.

Wingspan: 45.5inch
Fuselage Length: 40.9inch
Wing Area: 403sq.in
Suggested Motor: 36-12M
Suggested Battery: 2200~3300mah 3~4S1P
Recommended ESC: 80A
Weight: 715g (Airframe only)

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