PPM Encoder Module for APM Pixhawk

PPM энкодер модуль for APM PX


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Преобразует(конвертирует) PWM сигнал в PPM для полетного контроллера. Требуется только один сигнальный кабель для 8 входов.


Поддержка входных сигналов: 8

Выход : PPM SUM × 1 / MUX × 1

Размер : 28mm x 19mm x 5mm

Вес : 9г ( с кабелями )

With ArduPPM_v2.3.16 firmware


Package includes :

PPM encoder × 1

10P input terminal cable 60mm × 1

4P output of the cable 100mm × 1

The role of PPM encoder is to encode multiple channels PWM signal receiver output into PPM composite signal output to connect single-wire flight control supported .
Many flight control in order to save resources, or the layout of the port restrictions , allowing only connections PPM signal , which requires PPM encoder. Some receivers products on the market can be directly output the PPM signal , the meaning is the same , for example Graupner. PPM signal simulator can also be used to directly connect wireless simulation training dogs .
Please note : PPM signal and S.BUS, similar XBUS, all channels are one-way transmission of signals , but several different encoding, and can not be compatible with each other .
This PPM encoder hardware prototype from PPZ the PPM encoder default firmware is developed 3DR, To modify the function yourself , please bring your own ISP programmer types .
Power options:
A default power supply : PPM encoder itself is not connected to the power receiver powered by the flight control
Jumper 2 welded plate , so that the receiver can also be powered from PPM encoder

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