GPS модуль UBLOX NEO-M8N с компасом для DJI NAZA

GPS модуль UBLOX NEO-M8N с компасом для DJI NAZA Lite V1 V2, со стойкой


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Стойка GPS + модуль Ublox M8N GPS совместимый с  DJI NAZA Lite V1 V2 полетными контроллерами

- Using 32-bit processor, compatible with DJI NAZA LITE V1 V2 flight controller, incomparably superior than 8-bit processor.
- Please take notice of the arrow on GPS, which stands for the head of flyer.
- Similar calibration and usage with DJI GPS
- Coming with soft silicone gel cable 30cm; For softness, black rubber was wrapped on surface.
 (Notice: black cable= GND, white cable=TX, yellow cable=RX, red cable=5V, 3.3-7.5V is ok)
- Metal foil label has been mounted on the bottom of GPS to reduce signal interference from other electronic equipments.
Operation Notice:
To calibrate the electronic compass is the first important thing when received your GPS.
Calibration Method:
Connect GPS to Flight controller, dial the model switch of radio control 7-10 times, LED light turns orange; Turn the flyer horizontally one circle, then the LED light turns green; Make the head of flyer downwards and turn it one circle, then the LED light flashed on.
Package Including:
- 1 * GPS stand holder
- 1 * NEO-M8N GPS Module with translucent Shell
(For DJI NAZA flight controller )

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