Регулятор Mystery M-30A 30A SimonK (4шт)

Регулятор Mystery M-30A 30A SimonK ESC BEC 3A комплект 4шт


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Simply put the best ESC you can get for your multirotor. 
Flashed with the famous SimonK OpenSource Firmware for super-fast throttle response, which makes your quad more responsive and "locked in". Suited for quads up to 2.5kg, octos up to 5kg. The ESCs do not overheat, burn or lock out - unline many other ESCs flashed with the SimonK firmware.
The ESC motor leads are reduced to simple bullet connectors, this allows for quick and clean installation inside your multi rotor. Compatible with 2S to 4S battery.

Cont Current: 30A 
Output: 5V/3A 
Cells: 2-4Lipo 5-12NC 
Instead of motor cables, soldering on the 3.5mm bullet connectors.
* do not include the ferrite coil in the PWM cable.
Flashed SimonK firmware

100% New
1PCS * M-30A 30A SimonK ESC (with BEC) For RC Quadcopter Helicopter

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